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How You Can Help

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Theatre Quick Update!

*Renovation has begun on the Marquee Shoppe section of the theatre!  We hope to open it in late July for Milbridge Days!


Phases 1, 2 & 3 - $90,000 - $70,000 - $50,000 - $30,000 - $95,000

Welcome to our website to Bring Back the Milbridge Theatre!

The Milbridge Theatre was an important piece of our town's social fabric for nearly 80 years. A group of determined Milbridge residents has formed Gateway Milbridge, an organization helping with initiatives to revitalize downtown Milbridge.  Purchasing, rebuilding and reopening the Milbridge Theatre as a modern and welcoming regional entertainment and arts center is a primary project for Gateway Milbridge because of the many positive impacts it can have for our area.

Please take time to explore our website to learn more about the "Bring Back the Milbridge Theatre" project and how you can help.

Fundraising is now underway and donations are tax-deductible.

We hope you will help us Bring Back the Milbridge Theatre!

Johnson/Hurtig Family----Mark and Katie Duplass----Roger and Inger Ardston----Liza Parker----Milbridge United Methodist Church----Maryellen and Thomas Treteau----Robert Heath----Rachel and Larry Marshall----Michelle and Lee Williams----Joe and Anne Turnbough----Lloyd Powell----Deb Wekstein----Jim Debold----Jane and Peter Weil----The DeStefano Family----Suzanne Wings Hoyle----Sare Giberson----Wyman’s of Maine (Jasper Wyman and Son)----Melissa Brewer----Charmaine Jones----Donna Cirone----Milledge and Myrna McConnell----Edward Gasser----Robert and Sophie Gordon----Eileen Unger and Michael Caffrey----Lynne Porter----Jeffrey and Karen Elgin----David and Laura Maynard----Ramona and Alton West----Mark Stodder and Muna Shehadi Sill----Robert and Donna Jean Smith----William McLellan----Jerrold and Bruce Shaffner----Norman and Prudence Lezy----James Beedy----Mary Schall----Robert Collicott----Sharon DeChiara----Anne Arnold----Richard and Martha Hart----Lawrence Cross Revocable Trust----Charles and Donna Dyer----John and Maureen Cataudella----David and Ruth Leech----Steven and Janet Morrison----Richard and Joan Meserve----Paula Checker----David and Karen Krug----Deborah Levison and Joseph Ritter----Janise Morse Whalen Trust----Ida, Kate, and Kenneth Manko----Deane and Susan Attwood----Barbara Fisher----Ronald Smith----Robert Collicott----Mary Schall----Rea Sibling Trust----Ellen and Gary Cutler----Jane Hey----Tom Hitchins----Linda Ysewyn - in memory of Verna R. (Leighton) Ysewyn----K-9 Kamp/Paw Paw Shop----Harriet Heath----Louis Kapitulik----Pam and Kevin Barbee----Anne and George Arey----Truena Rankin----Jason Pinkham----David Shipman----Dave and Rhonda Pinkham----John and Cathy Chipman----Fred and Connie Glore----Jean Beckley----Jim and Lisa Sirak----Stephen and Lauren Gates (in memory of Sarah N. Gates)----Wayne Bradbury----Kathleen Hart----Rudolf Frenner----Ellen Strout and Kelly Sauberlich----Lester and Joyce Coleman----Carol and Brian Morrison----ML & W Enterprises----Thomas Haslett----Angela Kennedy----Frank and Lisa Faith----Stephen Strout----Tom Ellis----Kate Perez----Jeremy Ray----Steve Weisberger----Larry Bouthillier----Frank and Ada Graham----Tom Wilkinson----Cynthia Rupp----Suzi Schaffner King----Nancy Cunliffe----Judith Toland----Daniel and Susan Ricci----Virginia and Bill Swayne----Robert Shaw----Scott and Carrie Stinson----Jeff and Marilee Lovit----Morna Bell----Debra Pinkham----Gay and Joe Haroutunian----Carl and Ora Aselton----Katherine and Walter Tucker----Lynn-Margaret Pace----Deborah Moores----Catherine and Owen Stockard----Constance Callahan----Mark Lerman and Kathleen Jenkins----Sarah Talley----Peter and Rhonda Keller----Scotty and Beckie Hargrove----Bruce and Sally Leighton

Thank You to Our Most Recent Donors!

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Theatre Quick Update!

- $10,000

*Renovation has begun on the Marquee Shoppe section of the theatre!  We hope to open it in late July for Milbridge Days!